Why You Need To Avoid All Types Of UV Rays?

skincare tipsThe rise of fake tans is a direct response to the now well documented dangerous effects that can be caused by too much sunbathing and the once popular sunning beds.

In old age, brown spots, excessive wrinkles and even skin cancer can be a direct result of exposure to the rays of the sun.

It is the UV rays that do all the damage and it will have a thinning effect on the skin, weakening it and causing damage to the blood vessels just below the surface.

Aging will occur much faster in someone who has had years of exposure to excessive amount of UV and what was once seen as old age has been scientifically proved to be avoidable.

A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is the core of any skin care regime, but this can all be wasted if you are a sun worshipper. Avoid the heat of the sun completely when it is at it’s hottest; this is usually at midday depending on your location.

Many good makeup products now include protection from the sun but always check that it is sufficient for your skin color. Remember to reapply any sun cream every few hours, this is a common mistake and leads to regular over exposure.

The face needs constant protection, so be sure to wear sunscreen, especially on the whole face not forgetting the ears and the nose, which are particularly vulnerable to burning.

When purchasing a lotion or cream make sure it has the highest SPF that you need realistically, this should be fifteen or higher.


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