Causes of Acne You May Not Have Thought About – Part 2

tanning-and-sun-exposureWe looked at some unusual reasons for acne that you may not have thought about; here are some more of them:

  • Tanning and sun exposure is another reason for acne breakouts because contrary to popular belief the sun does not dry out and kill the bacteria that cause acne.
  • Hair products are also often the cause of acne. Stray strands falling on the face cause oil, silicones and other artificial items to clog pores and cause acne. Bangs or sleeping with your hair loose can also exacerbate the problem.
  • Some ingredients in your make up could well be responsible for acne – mineral oil traps bacteria into skin; Isopropyl Myristate can clog pores and cause irritation; lanolin is not good for acne prone skin; petroleum can make skin oily; and artificial colors and fragrances can irritate the skin causing breakouts.
  • An overall unhealthy diet is bad for the skin. While the occasional bar of chocolate or a bag of chips will not cause an instant breakout, a healthy diet rich is whole grain, fresh fruit and veggies is really good for the skin. A diet consistently high in fat and simple sugars is not good for the skin and will contribute to dull and acne prone skin.


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