Understanding Adult Acne And Its Causes

When one talks about acne, the first thing that is likely to pop into the head is a vision of the quintessential spotty teen.

Acne, pimples, and breakouts of all these kinds are something that we associate with adolescents and we do not want to see those unsightly blemishes that we thought we outgrew! Also, that which seemed to work fine in one’s teens is now quite ineffective.

Adult acne appears chiefly about the mouth, the jaw line, and women seem to be the chief sufferers. All acne is caused by the same underlying cause of production of excess sebum, skin cells and accumulation of bacteria in the pores. There are many causes that tend to trigger adult acne:Adult Acne

Birth control Pills and certain medications: Many women find that after years of having clear skin they suddenly see breakouts. This may coincide with the discontinuation of birth control pills because it is often the estrogen and progestin hormones contained in the pills that were keeping the acne at bay.

By contrast, if it is a progestin only birth control pill that one is taking, this may actually worsen the acne condition.

Certain other prescription medications such as anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, and sobriety drugs may also cause a woman to develop acne.

Remember not to discontinue any medication because of any acne breakout; rather ask your physician if another formulation or brand of the drug could be substituted for the problematic one.

Hormones: Sebum production is connected to the time of month for many women; they may see a breakout at a particular time during the monthly cycle.

Similarly as there are fluctuations in hormonal levels during pregnancy or even at the time of menopause, women may experience acne breakouts.

Reaction to certain cosmetics: Certain cosmetics tend to clog pores and cause acne to develop. However, many of the better quality products are formulated to be non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic which you may find the product package labeled with.

Genetic factors: The fact is that some of us are more prone to acne than others simply because of the genes we inherited; so a family history of acne is likely to cause acne among many of us.

Stress: Researchers have found that increasing stress levels could well be the cause of acne breakouts, because stress causes the body to increase the production of certain hormones that in turn could cause increased sebum production.

Underlying causes: Sometimes adult acne could be a symptom of another underlying problem; particularly when accompanied by others such as changes in growth of facial and head hair, irregular periods etc.

These could be caused by a number of serious problems such as a tumor, cysts in the ovaries, glandular problems etc, and ought correctly to be investigated by a doctor.


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