LED Home Kits For Acne – Are They Safe?

Facialists and Dermatologists have long advocated treatments involving LED (light emitting diode) to treat skin imperfections. These professional treatments are expensive and may require up to 12 sessions. Now, however home kits of the same LED procedures are also available for you to treat acne, and get firmer younger skin. But are the LED devices as effective and safe as they say they are?

According to Dr David McDaniel, of the Institute of Anti-Ageing Research in Virginia, a lot of this is marketing, and one should not expect miracles.

treat-acneHe says that deeper folds, scarring or cystic acne will not respond very well to this home treatment; for this fillers or lasers work better.

Actual users however have seen the home kits to be very effective and according to 41 year old user, there was a perceptible improvement after just 3 days of use. She felt that her skin was softer and the texture was changed.

While the lines have not disappeared, they have become less evident. The skin appears to be more radiant than before.

The home kits, at the present time, cost about the same as about two sessions of the same procedure at a clinic or a salon. So perhaps they may be worth trying?


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