Controlling Skin Redness during Winter

Rosy cheeks are all very well, for one they obviate the need for blush. However, excessive redness of the skin can make one appear rather florid, even blotchy. Here are some tips to control redness during winter –

skin-rednessBe gentle – It is best to use a mild and gentle cleanser for your face at this time, so as not to irritate or further inflame skin. To be sure, use a sensitive skin formulation and preferably one that is free of perfume, preservative and alcohol.

Avoid the scrub – This can of course make your skin look and feel smoother, however many are too harsh and to avoid abrading of the skin, a peel containing lactic acid could be used.

Use sun block – So what if it’s a dark gloomy day, a sun screen is a good idea all the year round. Look for those that have mineral ultraviolet A and B filters, these are better than chemicals such as titanium and zinc oxide.

Moisturize religiously – You could get some extra help controlling redness by using products that have caffeine and skin protecting antioxidants, recommends Dermatologist Leslie Baumann. These formulations help to restrict blood vessels and this in turn can help to reduce the redness more effectively than other ingredients such as hydrocortisone.


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