Tips To Be Gorgeous On The Valentine Night Out

Every woman wants to be stunning on the Valentine day. The first tip you should know is using pastel eye-lids and hot pink lips, or you can combine daring icy blue or lilac hue on the eyes and bright color lipsticks, using colors with personality like pink and red.

Sheer-gloss is a must to shine on your lips. Combination of the pastel colors for the eyes and bright nuances for the lips is the best for the Valentine day.

bright lipstick

If you want your hair to be remembered as magnificent, the most romantic style is the retro-curls, which are easily made with hair-spray.

retro curls

Don’t forget about your manicure and use “dramatic” colors like metallic ones, which go perfectly with tanned body.

metallic nail colors

For that aim, use a body shimmer to sparkle on your skin. If you are going for a more romantic glamour, go for the Braided Topknot hairstyle, which ties your hair up in a high ponytail and shows the perfection of your face.

braided topknot


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