Different Eye Make Up for that Different Look!

make upEyes Speak Volumes! Yes, eyes are the only features which reflect your feelings. Straight from the heart what you feel like is expressed through your eyes.

Eyes can be made more expressive and effective in a way through the make up. Define, Enhance and Beautify Your Eyes! Eye Make Up!

Hold your breath as we give you a brief idea on how to make your eyes change their look and be more expressive in what ever way you want them to be. Yes, make up makes it possible for you to change your eyes expression according to your will and wish.

Serene Look! If you want to get that calm and quiet look in your eyes then here are some tips on how to do your eye make up. Get that dark brown color or deep blue color look in your eyes. If you have inherited naturally this eye color well and good but if not go for contact lenses, but before you wear the contact lenses of this color take opinion from your optician.

Draw an outline to your eyebrows to make them well defined. Use light eye shadows no matter what complexion you have either light or dark. Draw a very narrow line around the eyes with an eye liner. Apply mascara in upward movement for the upper eyelid and downward for the lower eye lid. There you are with that serene look all yours ready to KILL!

Make Up For Romantic Eyes! For that romantic and dreamy look you can go for the light color contact lenses like the light blue, light green, light brown or so, even light yellow will be good. Give your eyebrows a complete arch and long look. Use pink eye shadow for light skin and light eye shadow for dark skin. Eye liner to define your eyes for that dreamy look should extend a bit from the corners of the eyes. While applying mascara slightly press it at the edges of the eyelashes to give your eyes a complete romantic look.

Make Up For Attractive Compassionate Look! If you want this type of look then what are you waiting for just simply outline your eyebrows with long and lengthy arches. Use light cream eye shadow on the eyelid and around the eyes. Here again extend your eye liner a bit from the corners of your eyes. Eyelashes should be curled up and down for upper lid and lower lid respectively to give an overall compassionate look.

Make Up For Dancing Expression! To get that high spirits dancing expression your eyebrows should be well defined and figured, do this by giving a long arch look with that thick long outline. There is no particular eye color recommended for high spirit look. Therefore you can carry on with your natural eye color without going for any contact lenses. Use light shade eye shadow at the base of the eyelid and go for a bit darker shade above until the eyebrow.

Add glitter to your Eyes! Glittering shades can be well applied on crease for that perfect expression. Use black or brown eyebrow pencil and also apply eyeliner on both the upper and the lower lid, extend the upper lid line a bit from the corner, eave the lower lid one. Eyelashes can be curled up and down for both the lids. Give them a perfect finish with a silver spot at the corners. Perfect! What Next! Watch your eyes for that high spirit look all YOURS!


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