Right Make up Kit For Making Your Make up Easy!

make up kitEverything becomes easy if you have the right make up kit.

It will be worthwhile to spend money on quality make up kit and maintain them.

Proper and well-cared make up kit makes your make up easy.

If you want to do so, then you must have right make up kit.

Make up Kit To Improve Your Look And Efficiency

Firstly, You need to have a good make up sponge to apply foundation for much better coverage. A triangle shape sponge can reach the sides of your nose and corners of your eyes and also removes excess blusher and flaky eye make up.

Second thing in make up kit is a powder puff. It helps in applying loose powder over your foundation, and also helpful for your make up touch ups.

Thirdly, find a good powder brush for applying bronzing powder evenly. A thick powder brush makes powder application easy to the side of temples, neck and cheekbones.

Always start applying a small amount of powder and add more if required. The powder brush is also helpful in blushing your cheeks for more natural look.

Also include an eyeliner brush for converting powdery eye shadow to eyeliner. You can apply eye shadow with a moist eyeliner brush. You can use this for liquid liners. The narrow brush helps in getting colors right into the base of your lashes.

Next, include a sponge applicator for eye shadow application to the eyelid. A sponge applicator helps in applying glowing eye shadows to prevent the pigments from flaking on your skin below your eyes.

So, apply on the outer corner of the eye first and blend the eye shadow using shading brush.

Shading brush is also necessary in make up kit. Use this for blending eye shadow for a neat and natural look. Outline your brow bone and apply eye shadow in from the outer corner of your eye to the eyelid crease.

The next to include in a make up kit is an eyebrow brush for applying powder eye shadow to your eyebrows. An angled eyebrow brush gives you a softer finish.

Apply eye shadow though, keeping to the line of your eyebrow. Always use small gentle strokes. Also use eyebrow brush to soften a line that you draw with an eyebrow pencil.

The next thing to include in a make up kit is short-bristled make up brush for applying eye shadow to the lower lid. A short-bristled narrow brush is useful in reaching into the base of the lashes for emphasizing the shape of your eye.

Always start from the outer corner of your eye and blend to the center for more attractive eyes. And a lip brush helps in making your lipstick durable. Make use of lip brush for applying lipstick below the lip line and blend toward the middle of your lip.

Brushes help in applying precise quantity that you desire, and also gives you a more defined look.

Last, but not least, include a concealer brush for hiding dark circles under your eyes and also patches around the nose or any other small flaws. Ensure that your concealer brush comprises of fairly firm bristles, as soft bristles may cause a patchy finish. For better look follow eye make up tips.


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