Long Lasting Makeup Choices That Last From Morning To Night

long lasting makeupMakeup can be a wonderful thing for your face. It is very forgiving and will cover up most facial problems.

Long lasting makeup will stay throughout your day and into the night.

This makeup will give you more confidence in yourself because you will not have to worry that your blemishes and your uneven skin tone are showing.

Makeup will help you to put your best face forward when you meet new people. Whether you are a professional woman who wants your makeup to last from the office into your evening or a housewife that goes all day and into the night taking care of your family you will want a long lasting makeup. There are ways to accomplish this. [Makeup Tips]

Makeup Primer

Primers are a good thing to use underneath your makeup to put a barrier between your makeup and your skin.

A primer will assist your makeup in having a longer staying power. These primers are made up of botanicals and other ingredients and are good for your skin.

A primer will help you to keep your foundation on in humid weather. It will also block unwanted elements from your foundation from absorbing into your skin.

Cover Up That Stays On

You may want to try a cover up that is highly pigmented and one that is perspiration resistant. This type of cover up will stay on your face until you take it off. It will be able to cover a number of skin problems that you may have such as scars, bruises, or pigmentation loss.

Long Lasting Foundation

L’Oreal’s new sixteen hour makeup will hide blemishes while helping to control shine and it has co-resistium technology. This makeup will help you to look less tired and more refreshed. It also includes sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

Long Wearing Eye Shadow

Estee Lauder has a wonderful Double Wear eye shadow that will stay in place for up to fifteen hours. This long lasting eye shadow will go on smoothly and it will not fade away. It is made for all different skin types, even skin types that are mature.

Estee Lauder’s eye makeup is fragrance free and tested by an ophthalmologist. This company also offers long lasting makeup for your face and your lips. Makeup from Estee Lauder will stay fresh and it can stand the test through heat and a lot of activity.

Lip Color That Stays

You will love the look and feel of Laura Mercier’s Lip Stain. This lip stain is two-fold in that it looks like a stain but provides the shine that a lip gloss gives.

Applying this stain is easy to do with your fingertips or a lip brush. This lip stain is very affordable and since it is long lasting it will be well worth your money.

These different types of makeup will be an awesome addition to your makeup bag and they will give you long lasting wear from morning to night.


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