Make Up For Dark Complexion!!

make upIf you have dark complexion, then here’s some thing you’ll love to know. Make up for dark complexion people.

Yes, I know all this while you were thinking that lucky are those with fair skin because they have lot of choice in wearing different make ups for different occasions and can really look much more beautiful with those flaunting and killer looks.

But stop worrying as you also have several options set to make you look more beautiful and attractive. Yes, you too have different variety of make ups waiting for a try.

Now that you know there is something for your complexion too all you need to make sure that you understand your type of make up well and don’t spoil your look. By this make up you can get that beautiful look you were longing for. If you have a good skin and wonderful features then nothing can stop you to look great! Remember world’s most beautiful women are dark too like you! Good news is that nowadays it has become a sort of craze and hunt for models with dark skin. What more you want just make your skin as radiant and as captivating as possible with that good make up and healthy skin of yours.

Base Make up for dark complexion Woman is the most important which includes the foundation, concealer and the powder or compact. The whole procedure involves the application of concealer on the blemishes or acne if any followed by the foundation of suitable shade and then the powder or the compact. After you are done with the base make up, you apply the eyeliner, eye shadow and the lipstick to give your make up a finishing touch. You can give a smooth touch of the blush to get that natural look as well.

Before starting with your make up understand your skin tone first. One thing is for sure that you are dark skin but did you know your specific dark skin type, if not you better know as this will help you in a way to go for appropriate make up that you need. Now if you have a rose brown, medium olive or yellow beige then your skin is medium dark and if your skin bronze, dark olive, black complexion or rich beige then your skin is dark.

Say no to Honey! Yes, avoid honey based beauty products as these make you look yellow. Select rose, coral and deep orange blush which will suit you the best. If you are very dark then go for bronze, wine or plum night make up, in the day better use pink shade.

Gold Precious Gold! Dark skin ladies can use even gold shade as blush and eye shadow. Silver around the eyes looks great. Using black eye liner and black mascara is wise enough. Use purples and blues as eye shadow, even dark metallic shades look good on you.

Color Your Lips! Maroon, bronze and gold look very well on you. Matte finish lipsticks are a perfect match for you. Remember the shades should never be too dark or too light always use medium shades for better look. Say no to bright reds and pinks. They spoil your look for sure.

So there you are with some make up tips for your self. Anyway to make yourself more attractive and more pleasing you still have so many options to try out, its all in your hands.


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