Dry Scalp Can Be Caused By Pollution!

Your skin should have the perfect balance of oils. But, it is rare to find a person who has balance of oils in their skin.

There are various types of skin, such as dry skin, oily skin and normal skin. Presence of excess oil in your body will lead to oily skin.

If you have less oil content in your body, then your skin will become dry. The presence of equal amount of oil and dryness can lead to normal skin.

Dry scalp is the problem which occurs if you have dry skin [dry skin care]. Oily skin people may not get this dry scalp problem.

The immediate problems which occur because of excessive drying of scalp are dandruff [Get rid of Dandruff] and itchiness on the scalp.Cry Scalp

If this situation worsens further, then it leads to high inflammation on your scalp and sores and lesions can also form on your scalp.

The dryness will be caused on your scalp because of stripping of natural oils from your body. The various sources that cause dryness of your scalp are:

  • The polluted environment around you.
  • Exhaust smoke.
  • Usage of hard water.
  • Using more toxins that are present in shampoo and cosmetics.
  • Finally bad eating habits.

Polluted environment cannot be changed by you. Usage of hard water and exhaust smoke are also some big problems which cannot be solved by you. You will be using the water which was supplied in your area. But, you should take proper measures in such environment.

If you have dry scalp then you should use less concentrated shampoos, which does not contain more toxins in it. The cosmetics which you use should also be less concentrated and they should suit your skin type.

The big solution for itchy and flaky scalp is moisturizing your dry scalp.  You should use good moisturizers and natural oils for moisturizing your dry scalp.

These moisturizers and natural oil contents will give good results for your dry scalp. They will reduce the itchiness and flakiness on your scalp and restores oil content on your scalp.

You should work on regular basis to reduce the pressure of damaging your hair from toxins and harmful chemicals present in your surrounding environment.

You should always keep your scalp moisturized with mild oils and lotions. Usage of these mild oils and lotions will reduce the dryness of your scalp.

The natural oils which reduce the dryness of your scalp are:  chamomile, jojoba, myrrh, lemon, tea tree, ylang-ylang, peppermint, neem and rose. Among these, jojoba oil is the best oil, it acts as the excellent moisturizer for your dry scalp and also helps to rebalance the sebum.

To reduce dry scalp you should always make your hair moisture. Usage of shampoos with natural ingredients such as neem, tea tree, jojoba etc will also give you the good results to reduce the dryness on your scalp.

It is better to solve the problem of dry scalp by yourself before it becomes worsen.


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