Embarrassing And Frustrating With Combination Skin? Best Skin Care To Normalize!

best skin careIf you have some parts on your face oily, while other parts dry, then it is a combination skin.

On the whole, your skin will be normal on most of your face.

Mostly oily skin will be in the T-zone area, an area that covers your forehead and down your nose and chin, forming a “T” on your face.

There are many other signs to find out the combination skin and you can take best skin care accordingly.

When you wash your face you may feel some areas to be tight and also look flaky, dull and may feel rough. This will be mostly not on the parts of T-zone area.

A second sign would be some parts of your skin looks shiny, feel greasy, and may prone to pimples and blackheads. This will occur mostly in the T-zone area. It may be irritating you to take best skin care of both dry and oily skin areas on your face and may seem almost impossible.

Best skin care Tips To Achieve Balance And A Natural Glow

However, you can take best skin care of your combination skin for a healthy and feel good by following some tips. Firstly, cleanse your face twice a day using a mild cleanser, preferably at night and early in the morning, as these are the times your face needs to be cleansed. This is very important for taking best skin care of a combination skin.

Choose a good moisturizer, once you identify the dry parts on your face, mostly not in the T-zone area. Now apply moisturizer on these dry areas. Applying moisturizer in oily T-zone area makes that area worse.

The ultimate aim of best skin care is to normalize your combination skin. It can be achieved by gaining a balance among the oily and dry areas. Thus it makes your skin look and feel the identical. So, look for the products that are specially intended for normalization such as the one that includes alpha hydroxyl acids or retinols works best.

Retinols are vitamin A derivative and give you more normal and even looking skin. AHA creams are beneficial because they are area catalyst for skin cell regeneration.

By burning off the upper layer of skin cells, they expose the healthier skin cells beneath them, which are more likely to absorb moisturizers and helps improve your skin elasticity through water-binding properties and gives you relief from that tight feeling in the dry areas.

Be aware of AHA creams. You need to continue it for the cell regeneration, as cells will not regenerate at that rate when you stop and return to their original state.

In best skin care, next concentrate on controlling the shine. The oily areas on your face will tend to shine as oils accumulate in the pores. Always prefer makeup products that specify “oil-absorbing”, as they can absorb oils from your face and prevent shine.

With a combination skin you may feel uncomfortable, frustrating. However, the problem is not untreatable or impossible and you can take best skin care. You can achieve beautiful skin by identifying your combination skin as well as the dry and oily areas, and learning the ways of treating them.

It is most important to read your makeup labels and best skin care product ingredients and know the purpose of each product that you apply on your face to achieve balance and a natural glow.


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