Natural Skin Care Options for You

The importance of natural skin care is something that most of us are now becoming aware of, as well as the need to keep away from artificial additives, harmful chemicals and so on. So the folks at Suite 101 put together some options for natural skin care which can be useful –


Neal’s Yard Remedies is well known in the field of natural skin care. The manufacturers grow a lot of the flowers and herbs that go into their products, which are all organic.

Attractive blue glass jars and effective formulations ensure fresh, glowing and radiant skin, so that you feel that this is money well spent.

Weleda Natural Skin care is not just about natural skin care remedies, but also dental care, hair treatments and homeopathy.

An eco friendly company, they use natural plant extracts such as almond, iris, wild rose, pomegranate, and so on, which are suitable for different skin types.

Natural skin care made at home – a paste made of granulated sugar mixed with a little milk can make a great face scrub. It can be left on for a while and then washed off – the milk softens the skin and the sugar granules gently exfoliate. So a lot of great skin care can come right off the kitchen shelf.

One thing about natural skin care to take care of is that these may be without preservatives and so ought to be used up soon.


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