Be Beautiful In Spite Of The Colder Days

With the cold days, staying beautiful becomes more than a challenge. The body responds to cool weather consuming more resources and staying beautiful requires extra work and care.


The first to feel the consequences of lower temperature is your hair which tends to be dry because of the contact with the cold. The right way to go here is to wash it only 2-3 times a week in order to prevent the removal of the hair’s natural oils.


Conditioner before shampoo is a very good strategy. Apply it and leave for a few minutes and if you can apply a warm towel on it the effect will be increased. Make sure you brush your hair gently during this time of year for the cold makes it a lot more sensitive.


The skin is next in line because of the reaction the cold causes on the skin cells. The skin tends to dry with age and the cold does all it can to help it. This is why you should keep in mind to use creamy cleansers, to use skin lotion after baths and also to make sure your skin gets nourished with special moisturizers in the morning and evening.


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