Acne Is Not Just A Problem For Teens

teen acneTrying to get rid of acne does not have to be about spending lots of dollars on expensive products, containing an array of chemicals, often the answer lies in a more natural alternative.

Worrying about the problem will only make things worse so try to be optimistic, there is a solution out there; it is just a case of finding it.

Also bear in mind that you are not alone, as worldwide, acne is a problem for over forty million citizens and nearly everyone if affected by it at some point in their lives.

Often acne is misconceived as only affecting teenagers, whose hormones are changing at a frenetic pace, when it can actually be a problem at any age.

It is of course very common during the teenage years and a British survey found that over eighty percent of sixteen year old girls and almost ninety five percent of the same aged boys had suffered with acne

From blackheads to pimples and zits to spots whatever you call them they are a real pain, affecting self confidence and sending a youngster’s esteem plummeting to the floor.

The same research showed that almost a third of teenagers sought the advice of a doctor believing their problem to be so severe. Solutions can work better on different individuals so it really is a case of trying different methods to sort out the acne.

Cleanliness is vital as an oily skin not cleaned at least once a day will cancel out any possible effects of any sort of solution.

Quite obviously hormones are the root cause of this condition, although further research must try to discover more about how it can be counteracted, to produce a more effective cure for all. Stress is thought to be a contributing factor and can make it worse but the actual origin is not as clear cut.

Common household baking soda is good for exfoliating, but try on a small patch of skin first. Drinking plenty of water is very advantageous as is eating a healthy balanced diet, cut down on fatty food and sugary drinks.

For very bad individual pimples try a touch of lemon juice or a squeeze of toothpaste because it will help dry it out.

A weekly facial mask is a worthwhile routine, even for males, get plenty of fresh air although don’t stay out too long in the sunshine. A New York specialist in skin has developed a therapy which uses a combination of blue and red light combined to treat very serious instances of acne, it is cutting edge treatment but it could be worth checking out.


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