Which Acne Treatments Are Effective?

acneEven with the perfect makeup and hairstyle you will never look your best unless you can clear the acne off of your face.

That is why people who suffer from chronic acne will try anything and everything in order to rid themselves of pimples and blackheads.

The problem is that most people who create acne products know this and use clever marketing to trick you into thinking every acne product will work.

However, if you need a product that actually does what it says it will; you need to know which acne creams have the ingredients you need. To help you out here are five acne creams that will help clear your face.

1. Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion by Clinque

Not only does this product have many happy customers ready to stand by its claims of acne treatment and prevention, it works to keep acne from coming back so you can rest in peace.

The Clinque formula contains a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide and is able to repair inflammation and reduce redness in less than a few days. The drawback, it is the most expensive product on this list.

2. Blemish Double Agent Treatment from Biore

A cream, the Biore treatment utilizes salicylic acid to seal off your skin from the oils and dirt that cause acne to form. Additionally, it will help you see acne start to disappear from your face gradually after 3-5 days.

Although you have to wait for results, this is one of the only salicylic acid formulas that will not dry out your skin.

3. Natural herbal acne creams

Although marketers aim to keep this truth away from you, there are several natural acne creams that you can concoct at home that will help keep your acne at bay.

One home remedy for acne utilizes the healing powers of banana, avocado, and Vitamin E ointment which you can find at a pharmacy or online.

Blend the items together using a 1/2 tsp of the ointment, one avocado, and 1/2 a banana and apply to your face daily for a few minutes. The downside, you can only refrigerate the cream for about one day before it loses its healing properties.

4. DBF BP Gel also includes Tea Tree Oil

This product utilizes benzoyl peroxide and tree tea oil to fight acne and help condition your skin.  Generally it takes about a week to begin to see noticeable results and will continue to prevent further breakouts with continual use.

5. Persa Gel by Johnson and Johnson

Persa Gel also uses benzoyl peroxide to help treat and prevent acne from reoccurring once your face is clear. It is also effective in combating blackheads and whiteheads as well.

For those who need maximum help, the Persa Gel contains 10% benzoyl peroxide which is the largest amount of the chemical that is allowed to be sold over the counter without a prescription.


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