No Link Found Between Antioxidants And Melanoma Risk

antioxidantsAccording to recent reports in Archives of Dermatology, antioxidant supplements like vitamin C and E are no more associated with increased melanoma risk, which is most serious form of skin cancer.

Previous  studies suggest that the melanoma risk in women was increased by four times who took antioxidant supplements. As 48 to 55 percent of adults in U.S. take vitamin or mineral supplements, the harmful effects of antioxidants and melanoma risk was alarming.

“As someone who takes supplements as a preventive measure, I was happy to see that the authors of the new study were able to debunk the claims of the prior study,” said Dr. Robin Ashinoff, a dermatologist and clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center, who was not involved with the new research.

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