Simple Ways To Avoid Fungal Infections

clean feetWhen around the house try to avoid wearing socks or slippers so enable the feet to breathe this will help in reducing the chances of fungal infections which can be common during the wetter or humid or colder months.

Thriving in moist, warm and dark situations these fungi can spread quite quickly, those with a lower resistance are very susceptible. Cleanliness is the key so if you have a skin condition or have a cut keep it nice and clean at all times.

Infections that are fungal, will attack underneath the nails, symptoms include spotting of the nail, brittleness of the nail and a very strong offensive odor. If you are prone to sweaty feet then chances are you will get regular fungal infections. [Foot Care]

Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight and change socks regularly. Choose socks that have a high cotton content, avoid nylon and other synthetic fabrics. There are various products available for sweaty feet sufferers, so seek advice from your pharmacist.

Be on the look out for infections because they are easy to detect and therefore possible to avoid more serious instances.

If you prefer a natural remedy, then try soaking your infected finger tips in vinegar, cider apple is the best. By doing this two times every day, for about twenty minutes the symptoms should simply disappear.

If in doubt about your fungal infection always consult your doctor because any infection, especially in older people, can ultimately be very dangerous. Prevention is always better than waiting until the problem worsens so keep your feet clean and fresh.


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