Want To Have A Perfect Tan? Sunblock for Your Sunburns!

Safe Tanning TipsMost of the women and even men today are trying almost everything for achieving perfect tan.

However, with recent researches on skin cancer and other skin related problems such as overexposure to the sun, still many are finding ways to get that great tan, while evading the possible side effects of sunbathing.

Safe Tanning Tips For Preventing Skin Problems

You can achieve that perfect tan using some safe tanning tips. The first safe tanning tip is wearing a sunblock. Wear a sunblock with a low SPF, as it helps your body to absorb sun’s rays, but you are less likely to get burned.

Basically, a tan is your body’s self-protection from harmful effects of the sun. The more you slow down this process, the less durable damages your skin get from sunbathing.

Next tip is slowly increase time you spend in the sun. There is a misbelieve that a good “base” for perfect tan comes by burning yourself in the sun at once. However, sunburns are a symptom of skin damage and causes severe skin complications. So, tan should be developed gradually to reduce the potential damage.

Always apply a sunblock before going out in the sun, as it helps get cover your entire body, ensuring that your skin is protected. Moreover, apply sunblock even to your lip, as they can easily burned or dried out. Lip gloss can protect your lips as well as it gives shiny touch to your lips.

Avoid sunbathing during noon times, as sun will be hotter. More exposure to the sun increases the possibility of becoming burned and skin damages. So, during noon times, it is best to reside in a shaded area and wear protective clothes.

Spending more time in the water increases the possibilities of getting sunburn, as the sun’s rays from the water basically reflect on your body. Sunburns due to water are little to know symptoms. So, wear a sunblock even with a low SPF whenever you are in water. See that the sun blocks are water resistant.

Hats and shirts act as an extra layer of protection to your skin. Always wear these, when you are not taking sunbath, to protect your skin from extreme amounts of sun. This helps you particularly when you spend a great deal of time outside.

Always wear a sunblock that is specially formulated for you when you work outside and a great deal of sweat release from your body.

If you have fair skin, then you need to take special care while exposing your skin to the sun for longer periods. This care should be taken if your skin burns easily or if you have a great number of moles on your skin.

So, take proper precautions to avoid possibilities of skin cancer. Similarly, if you are below 16 or with a family history of skin cancer, then avoid overexposing your skin to the sun.

And if you have sensitive skin, then purchase a sunblock that doesn’t irritate your skin. Even hypoallergenic sunblocks are available for sensitive skin.

A deep, brown tan gives you attractive look and a healthy glow. Follow these simple tips for having a healthy glow and for preventing skin problems.


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