What Can Cause Blemishes?

As you all know blemishes are quite a disaster to bear. They can happen to anyone, anytime.

They can be defined as either some dark patches or discoloration on the face developed due to illness or some form of allergy you develop.

Though they can be tackled gently, sometimes they become worse and difficult to handle.

The various forms of blemishes are acne, pimples, white heads and black heads.

Blemishes may erupt in these forms or simply form dark patches or discoloration on the skin. blemishes

As you all know acne are formed by clogged pores, they are a result of over usage of cosmetics, makeup or by use of low quality products. In order to get out of this acne treatment is necessary.

Therefore one should be very careful while picking the right cosmetics and beauty products. Consequences should be in favor of the usage meaning no side effects or minimum side effects which are tolerable or can be ignored.

Comedogenics is the term which refers to the beauty products which are likely to cause blemishes. So it is wise enough to purchase products which are clearly mentioned as non-comedogenic.

Now let’s see what the causes of these blemishes are. Many reasons have been given to explain the cause of blemishes. For example environment, hormonal and physical and mental stress and strain.

Adulthood and Menopause! It is well known fact that women are particularly prone to hormonal changes. These hormonal changes are particularly at hype during menopause and during the entry to adulthood. It is also very evident that during pregnancy or menstruation also acne are formed as this is also related to hormonal changes.

Good News for Ladies! Oral contraceptives can improve the chances of curing blemishes. Yes, this is true many cases have shown a positive result in overcoming this problem of blemishes. Antiandrogens can also be helpful for women, while oral corticoseteroids are good for both males and females.

The process of formation of acne blemishes can be well explained as being a result of accumulation of excess oil produced by the skin. This increases the chance for bacteria to grow and clog the pores. Thus results in acne formation. The reason behind this excess oil production is the hormone androgen which on being active results production of sebum which is the skin’s natural oil.

Apart from the hormonal changes the cause for blemishes formation are the environmental factors such as pollution which most of the time irritates the skin to form blemishes.

If you are on a hunt to treat blemishes then this is for your information that there are also several natural treatment options available. Treatment options can be implemented right away at your home with least effort and investment. Don’t go emptying your pockets behind those costly chemical compositions who promise to treat blemishes at their best but fail to do so. Here are some real good tips for blemishes treatment.

  • Tender coconut water dabbed on blemishes and left for ½ an hour. Repeat for 15 days.
  • Rub in some coconut oil before going to bed. Wash well in the morning. Repeat for 15 days.
  • Watermelon juice applied and gently massaged on the blemished area. Left on for 15 minutes will definitely help.
  • Carrot juice applied for 15 minutes for 15 days will clear the blemished skin.

So there you are with the simple tips of the day which will definitely help you in a big way. Try them now!


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