Looking After Your Hair With Correct Diet And Natural Supplements

Studies carried out recently seem to indicate that a deficiency in iron could be the cause along with lower quantities of an amino acid called lysine.

The latter is a vital transporter of iron which is required for supporting the growth of hair.

Although it is present in red meat and eggs, lysine can be tricky to gain via dietary methods.

Vegetarians should certainly be aware of taking supplements considering their diets.hair care

Other areas of nutrition could also lead to hair loss, for example a diet lacking in B vitamins will be noticed by especially greasy hair. Hair missing essential dietary fats will appear brittle and dry, often with a dull sheen.

When washing and grooming, great care should be taken, and hair treated very gently. Avoid using direct heat as it can be very damaging as can styling your various clips and bands. If you must use spray or mousse be sparing, and try to use organic and natural shampoos and hair conditioners.

Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to avoid split ends and use a brush with natural bristles. Do not allow long hair to become tangled and leave your hair well alone as much as possible.

If you are a swimmer take every precaution against the chloride in most swimming pools. The regular use of a swim hat will be a big help and afterwards rinse with warm water and then apply a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Protection is also vital against the sun and the harmful rays of UV, a scalp can very easily get sunburnt so look out for product for the hair that includes sun-screening ingredients. Again a sun hat is much better than any product, so why not make a fashion statement at the same time.

Try to find a shampoo without any chemicals and free from harmful toxins, always read the label and get to know exactly what you are using. Do not rely on marketing tricks claiming natural ingredients loom beyond the hype.

All dyes, strengtheners and solutions for permanent waves, by their very nature include chemicals and are best avoided.

Be aware of the scalp’s well balanced level of sebum which can easily be affected by a number of things both environmentally and dietary. Hair follicles can be destroyed and hair shafts damaged.

Look out for hair care products with ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, nettles and herbs like parsley, sage and rosemary. Other good substances are burdock, horsetail and licorice all of the aforementioned have been recognized, as being beneficial for human hair.


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