Say Bye To Your Dry Hair With Home Remedy For Dry Hair!

Today, everyone desires to have beautiful, shiny, and bouncy hair, which can be achieved by maintaining the hair.

Taking care of hair is not a simple task. To care your hair, it is essential to know your hair type.

Your hair can fall into any of these three types: dry hair, oily hair, and normal hair.

Of these, people with dry hair need more hair care than others and it can be achieved through home remedy for dry hair. On the other hand, before knowing the hair care for dry hair, it is good to understand about the hair.Home Remedy For Dry Hair

The hair contains a component called keratin, the strong protein that structures the hair. The part of the hair that projects out of the skin is called hair shaft or strand, which consists of three layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla.

Cuticle is the outer layer of the hair strand, which is thin and colorless. It protects the two inner layers. Cortex is the middle layer, which is thick and provides strongness to the hair.

It also determines the color and style of your hair. Medulla is the inner layer, which can change the way the hair interacts with light.

Over exposure to the sun, heat from dryers, and other chemicals can damage the cuticle and makes your hair dry and dull. Home remedy for dry hair can make your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

In take of foods rich-in fatty acids such as nuts and seeds is a home remedy for dry hair to bring back the shine into your hair.

Vinegar is a good home remedy for dry hair and it can be used in several ways to improve the hygiene and shine of your dry hair.

Make use of one-tablespoon vinegar whenever you rinse your hair. As dandruff can make the hair to look dull, it is always good to use vinegar to remove dandruff.

You can prepare a good conditioner by mixing two cups of water with a half-cup vinegar.

Applying the hair conditioner once you rinse out your shampoo, and allowing it on your hair for some time before washing the hair thoroughly with water can control your dandruff and makes your dry hair look healthy and shiny.

Combine three eggs, two teaspoons olive oil, and a teaspoon vinegar, apply it to your hair and allow it for few minutes and shampoo it normally.

You can also apply the paste of overripe banana and avocado to your hair, allow it for an hour and rinse with warm water to make your hair soft and shiny. Even beer is a home remedy for dry hair, which can be used after shampoo to restore the lost shine.

In addition to the home remedy for dry hair, it is also good to massage your hair with warm herbal-oil twice a week and take diet rich-in zinc. Avoid harsh hair shampoo, as the chemicals can damage the outer layer of the hair strand. Always use mild shampoos to care your dry hair.


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