Makeup Tips For When Winter Is Over And Spring Has Arrived

winter makeupWinter makeup is somewhat different than spring makeup.

You may not want to use all the dark colors that you may have used in the winter such as dark browns and grays.

Spring is a time for rejuvenation and it is a time when you will want to change the way your makeup looks and the colors you use.

You probably think of spring as most people do as light and airy. Spring has a soft feel to it but it also symbolizes the earth coming back to life. Why not put new life into your face with a spring makeup makeover?

Cleanse and Moisturize

You will want to make sure that the skin on your face is a wonderful palette for all of the spring colors of makeup you will want to wear. Starting your spring off right with a cleansing and moisturizing regimen is a good thing to do.

Before you go to bed at night you will want to use a facial cleanser to remove all of the makeup that was worn during the day. After you have removed your makeup you will then want to use best moisturizer on your face that is suited for your type of skin.

When you wake up in the morning your face will feel wonderful and you will be ready to apply the new spring colors of makeup you have been looking forward to using.

Springs Colors

Colors should be kept light and creamy. You will want to use colors that are rich and have a little shimmer in them. Violet is a color that everyone is talking about for spring. Try different shades of violet to see what suits your skin tone the best. Other colors you can use are pinks, nudes, tawny, and gold.

Since spring is the season for things to become green again you may want to try a little green as your eye shadow shade. Shades of green are in for spring because they look good no matter what skin tone you are. If you have light skin you will want to wear lighter greens and if you have darker skin you may want to wear a more rich color of green.

Foundation Makeup

Of course you will not want to wear your foundation makeup as heavy or as dark as you did in the winter. Try using a foundation that is a lighter color this spring such as coral, tawny, or nude.

Mineral makeup is always a good choice. It will help you to cover any flaws that you may feel your face has. Use a dusting of light brown bronzer on your face so that when the sun hits your face, it will shine.

Lip and Nails

Go with a lighter color when it comes to your lips and nails. Pretty pinks and peach colors are always a good choice for spring.

You will want your lips to shine with a glossy sheen. Make sure that your lip gloss or lip stick has a sunscreen included in it to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Applying all of these new spring colors will be a lot of fun for you. Experiment and see what will work the best.


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