Must Have Makeup Advice For This Fall

makeupMake-up is a woman’s perfect equipment to feel good, like eating a chocolate and covering unwanted things like wearing large dresses to cover the belly.

The good clothes and hair are completed with good make-up and vice versa. This fall, make-up is luxurious and glamorous.

Let’s begin with eyes. Maybe the most effective look can be shaped with a good eye make-up. This fall, for a little smoky look, lining under eyes are in.

Although this is not big news, the lining type is different. This time, keeping the line closer to lashes and keeping it intense will give the eyes both a soft style and sexiness.

After giving a mysterious smoky look, lashes for this fall has changed to an opulent and beautiful way.

Other than individual lashes, the glamorous lashes with jewels, color and feathers are on and are worth trying for partying. For eye shades, violet keeps the crown and shares the success with shiny eye shadows.

When coming to lips, red is definitely the popular color of this fall, again. Teaming it with a smooth skin and neutral foundation together with defined eyes will make the lady look fabulous.

Still using red lips does not go well with a full eye make-up. For the eye make-up lovers, nude lips are in this fall to help the situation. They make a woman look confident and make the eyes shine more than ever.

For this season, make-up can be named as glamorous. Keeping and using the old cleaning products and foundations, please welcome a place in the make-up bag for the inevitable new fall glamour to feel good and charming as always.


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