Swiss Snake Venom Wrinkle Remover

There is a new product just introduced by Pentapharm, a Swiss company which is copying the temple viper venom, well at least one of its proteins. It claims to smooth wrinkles and is known as Syn-ake.

It is being proclaimed as an alternative to Botox which is injected into the skin although critics say that it will not be effective as it does not go far enough into the skin.

The theory is that a snake destroys its kill by paralyzing them, therefore the venom may have the ability to do the same on the skin. The result is relaxed facial muscles and less wrinkles.wrinkle remover

The manufacturers have carried out various trials included a direct comparison with placebo. This found a reduction in wrinkles of over fifty percent and a lessening of contraction of the face muscles of over seventy per cent.

A product such as Advanced Aging Reverse & Tone Serum made by company Borba contains Syn-ake and is delighted with its results.

Borba are one of six skincare producers that believe in the new magic ingredient, many of whom have done their own research. Anti-aging products are worth million of dollars in the United States alone as more women look to find the secret of eternal youth.

A spokesperson from another interested company, Sonya Dakar Skincare, explained that the Syn-ake works by stopping the uptake of sodium ion in the facial muscles which keeps them relaxed. They are convinced that this is a very viable alternative to Botox, which many women will be very keen to try.


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