Skin Bleaching: Solution For Dark Spots And Facial Hair!

Facial hair and dark spots are the main things which can concern you.

Skin bleaching is one of the most popular techniques of avoiding facial hair [Laser Facial Hair Removal].

Many beauty salon and skin care clinics recommend skin bleaching for those who are facing problems with facial hair and dark spots.

Many bleaching products are available in the market. Choose the best one that plays a key role in maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

Some basic facts of skin bleaching:

  • Under standing the terminology used in bleaching is always important for using the products of bleaching.Skin Bleaching
  • For improving the results, always apply the bleach only to the dark spots. Select an area which is definite for bleaching. If you do not have definite areas for bleaching then go for skin brighteners which are safer to use.
  • Do not apply the bleaching product to the surrounding areas of the spots or to the normal skin which is not affected. This can lead to lightening of your regular skin tone.
  • Stop the bleaching process after attaining desired result. Continuation of using bleach in those particular areas of the skin can make skin appear lighter than your regular skin tone.
  • Skin bleaching is not a quick process. It depends on the darkness of the area and can take several days to get normal skin tone.
  • Protecting your skin from sun exposure is very important. Exposing your skin to sun can damage your skin tone and also darkens your skin. Always apply a sun block before you go out from your home.

Simple homemade recipe for skin bleaching:

Try this method for bleaching your skin at home. This method is very helpful in lightening your facial hair and dark spots.

Caution: If your skin is sensitive, apply soothing lotion to the areas of the skin to be bleached to avoid irritations and redness of the skin.

Take one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 table spoon of bleaching powder and 1/4 tablespoon of ammonia. Mix all these ingredients well.

Take a small stick and wrap a cotton ball to one of its ends. With the help of this stick, apply the mixture to your face and also to the areas where you want the skin to be bleached.

Leave it for 15 minutes for skin bleaching. After 15 minutes check whether the skin is bleached or not by just removing little bit of cream. If the skin is not bleached then leave the area for another 5 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Your skin may turn into red after the removal of bleaching cream. To avoid this, take some crushed ice in a clean soft cloth and put it on your face for sometime. If you still feel irritation of your skin, then apply soothing lotion for 10 more minutes.

It is always advisable to take doctor’s advice before using any new skin bleaching product for your skin. Know your skin type and use the one which is suitable for you.


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