Liver Spots Unrelated To Liver!

Liver SpotsAs the name suggests you might be thinking that liver spots are related to liver or liver functions or symptoms associated with liver cancer or other liver disorders.

But you have mistaken because these are no where related to liver.

Find out what actually these liver spots are and its causes, symptoms and various treatment methods.

In older people you will find a change in skin color, these are nothing but liver spots. On aging the increased pigmentation may be brought, exposure to sun or other forms of ultraviolet light, or other unknown causes may be the probable reason for the cause of these liver spots in old age. This is the reason why these are very common in people over 40 years of age.

Wondering where do they occur? They occur most often on the sun exposed areas such as backs of the hands, on the forearms, shoulder, face, and forehead.

Harmless! Though they are harmless and painless they become a matter of concern beauty wise, because all these spots occur on the sun exposed areas specially and the face look very weird thus affecting the overall appearance. Diagnosis of skin cancers may occasionally be done by these liver spots.

Symptoms! The most common symptoms of liver spots are the skin lesions that are painless, also flat patches or area of skin color change. These liver spots are usually light brown to black. Their common site of occurrence is hands, arms, or forehead.

Basically in majority of the cases no specific treatment is required, but for cosmetic purpose some creams and bleaching lotions might be used to improve the appearance and look. In some cases Cryotherapy (freezing) or laser treatment may be recommended to destroy the liver spots. Anyways this is in advance cases.

As discussed earlier these are harmless and not dangerous medically. They are permanent skin changes that may affect the cosmetic appearance of the skin so care should be taken to get the condition under control before it rather worsens the appearance.

Health wise they are no reported complications. But of course a state of depression is experienced by the people suffering from it as it affects the overall cosmetic appearance. A physician should be approached if the skin lesions show any noticeable change or if you feel that your cosmetic appearance is really a matter of concern.

The best way to avoid these liver spots is to protect your self from sun rays during the peak hours in the afternoon. As during these hours the UV radiations are very harmful to the skin. It’s better to use a sunscreen of good brand and quality in order to save yourself from the direct sun rays. Practice wearing long hats to give a protection. Clothing also can take care of sun exposure.

So hope you are now clear about what liver spots actually are. This time you go on an outing you better take all the preventive measures of liver spots in order to avoid any complications, remember the changes caused by these liver spots are to a certain extent permanent.


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