Are Chapped Lips Your Problem?

chapped lipsLips! Beautiful Lips! Make sure you have them all! Lips are the most attractive features in your face.

A small negligence can make them look weird and spoil your entire look. I bet you will agree on this.

Many of us do lots of things to take care of our skin and body but do not bother to take care of lips.

But remember lips are the most captivating features in our face. Chapped Lips! If left unattended they may be first and worse to be watched!

Seasons Effect! As our skin, lips also get easily affected by season. Flaking, peeling off, cracking are the common features of chapped lips. Giving a rough feeling, they often hurt. What on earth causes these painful chapped lips? Cold, dry and windy climates cause these chapped lips. You can pretty well take care of your lips by applying good lip balm frequently to prevent them from drying.

Genes May Also Play a Role! Did you know that apart from the physical barriers causing chapped lips genetic history may also be one of the reason, meaning may be because your elders had this problem you are facing it today. So what ever may be the reason for chapped lips the treatment is the same, to provide proper moisture for lips.

Lip Balm Works Well! Keep your lips moist by application of lip balm regularly. Not much difference is seen in lip balm and gloss except for the usage as the former is used for treating chapped lips and the later for cosmetic purpose. Of course lip gloss has its own cosmetic ingredients apart from the regular lip balm composition. May be a touch of Glitter!

Lip balms for chapped lips are available readily in the market at low prices, the key ingredients are suppose to be scented oils, menthol, beeswax, petroleum jelly and camphor. Also components such as salicylic acid, alum and vitamins are used.

Before picking up the lip balm for your chapped lips treatment you must concentrate on the key ingredients. A lip balm with sunscreen is also very good and effective. A natural lip balm is better to use for safety purpose.

Shiny Healthy Lips All Yours! Lip balms with vegetable oils and olive oil are best to get that shiny healthy look for your lips. Try them out and you’ll see the difference! Again keep in mind that lip balms are available depending on their usage either be it daily use, advanced use for specific treatment, use for serving a particular purpose, be it any of these reasons lip balms are available in different varieties to serve you better.

Climate plays a major role in provoking or curing the chapped lips problem. So before giving any treatment to your lips keep in mind the weather conditions. Select a good brand for better results because low quality lip balms may lead to unnecessary problems instead of treating you.

Tip of the Day! Castor oil is found to be very effective. Better carry castor oil along with you wherever you go and try to apply it frequently as much as possible throughout the day to get rid of the chapped lips problem at the earliest. So make your lips Rosy!


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