French Manicure Is The Simple Process To Give An Extraordinary Look For Your Nails

French ManicureWoman will always get praise if she is beautiful.

In order to be beautiful, you should maintain each and every part of your body in neat and tidy way.

There are some parts of your body that will be exposed.

Among them nails are also present. Keeping your nails (Nail Care) in neat and attractive way is known as manicure.

French manicure is the process in which you can groom your nails in most fashionable way. In this method you will shape your nails and paint them with white and pink nail colors.

In order to perform French manicure you need to have the following requirements.

  • Nail paint in white and mild pink color.
  • French manicure kit.
  • Nail paint remover for removing the existing nail paint from nails.
  • Luke warm water.
  • Cotton.

The process of performing French manicure is as follows:

  • Before starting, you must massage your nails and hands by using little quantity of scrub. After massaging, wash off your hands with water and dry your hands with clean and soft towel.
  • Next, you should file your nails carefully. You should move your filer in single direction that is from outer corner of nail to the center of nail. By following this process of filing, your nails will not get damaged. You should select a comfortable filer for your nails.
  • Now apply a single coat of almond oil to your hands to make your hands soft and look nourish. Then cover your hands with soft and warm towel for few minutes. Don’t use cuticle clippers; they can affect your skin. After some time wash your hands with Luke warm water and dry them for removing excess oil from your hand’s skin.
  • Now paint your nails with pink color. Let the nails dry for few minutes. You should give only single coat to your nails with pink color. By doing this, your nails will be hard, strengthen and shiny.
  • For giving square look, you can paint a straight line of white nail paint. If you want a rounded looks for your nails, then follow the curve of the nail. You must lay your hands on flat surface like table or desk while applying the paint. Make the cotton into small balls. Keep the cotton balls between your fingers while painting.
  • The last and final step in French manicure is to apply translucent shell-pink nail paint as single coat. You should apply the pink coat on the complete nail for closing the whitened tip. Let your nails dry for few minutes. You can also apply a glossy top coat for your nails for extra shine.

In this way you can perform French manicure. It is the easy and simple process with less time taking. You can give an extraordinary look for your nails with this French manicure. Follow the tips of filing to get beautiful shapes for your nails.


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