New Zealand Company Finds Way To Keep Skin Elastic And Supple

The key to reducing the signs of ageing is to stop the reduction of elastin and collagen that is produced by the body.

It is these two elements that matter more than another skin care product ingredients.

Elastin is what makes your skin supple; when it is stretched it is this that guarantees it falls back into shape.

Production levels peak in the teenage years and then gradually reduce from then on.

External elements are a factor as well as exposure to sun etc also reduce product1

For firmness it is collagen that is required, the protein makes skin toned and tight and works hand in hand with elastin to prevent sagginess, wrinkles and dreaded fine lines. Unfortunately neither can easily be absorbed in large enough quantities as cream so are not used for skin care.

Obviously, some manufacturers use marketing as a way of giving out misinformation about what certain products are capable of, so always be cautious of any great claims that are made. One new ingredient could be a big breakthrough however.

A company from New Zealand has made a substance called CynergyTK, which actually activates elastin and collagen production.

All the major multi nationals will be falling over themselves to recreate and brand their own version so in a few years there will be more products available.

With the secret of collagen re-growth now known, and elastin levels now able to be manipulated, this tiny manufacturer has provided potentially the secret to eternal youth, although as always it will come at a price.


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