6 Tips to ‘Winterize’ Your Skin

Here are some essential tips to help your skin avoid the pitfalls of winter –

1.  winter-skin-careUse a Humidifier to help combat winter dryness and to keep the throat and nasal passages from drying up.

2. Apply lip balm with SPF often since they are often the first to feel the winter brunt. This can also help to prevent skin cancer.

3. No long hot baths – instead take short warm showers. This helps keep the skin hydrated. Very hot water can strip skin of natural oils. Also use a mild cleanser that has no alcohol content. Blot the skin dry; don’t rub it dry.

4. Apply moisturizer within three minutes after your shower to help keep the moisture trapped in the skin – this will help reduce dryness and itchiness. Oil, petroleum jelly and glycerin are the ingredients to look for.

5.  Take care of your hands. The skin is thinner here and doesn’t produce much oil; so make sure you don’t leave home without your gloves. Use hand cream or glycerin based moisturizer (particularly after frequent hand washing) to help alleviate dryness.

6. Protect your feet too from the winter– moisturize your feet last thing before bed and cover with socks. And if your shoes and socks are at all damp, change them at once. Be vigilant against frostbite – it may cause lasting damage by turning your skin hard and pale.


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