Interested In Eyebrow Threading? Find A Skilled Aesthetician For Good Shape Of Your Eyebrows!

Shaping eyebrows has become trendy in recent years.

Threading is a technique of hair removal that was originated in India, although it is accomplished by Middle East country for decades.

Eyebrow threading is removal of hair from the eyebrows by the follicle without damaging the top layer of the skin.

Eyebrow threading is used to give good shape and clean lines to the eyebrows and it also removes extra hair from the eyebrows.

If you have large amount of eyebrow hair and facial hair [Removing Facial Hair] then threading is the best technique to remove those hair, as tweezing is a long process.Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading may look simple and easy, but it requires a skill to remove that extra hair. Cotton thread will be used in this eyebrow threading technique to remove the hair.

In this procedure, cotton thread will be twisted around the hair and threading will pull off the row of hair from the follicle.

For this threading, you must go to the salon since it requires a skilled technician for good shape of your eyebrows. The exact procedure of eyebrow threading involves:

Step I: The technician keeps one end of the cotton thread in the mouth, forms the loop with the help of right hand, and with the other hand holds the long end of the thread. This loop will be placed on the hair and tightened, and then pulls out the hair from the roots with both hands.

Step II: In the second step, the thread will be twisted and dragged down the area of extra hair. The thread removes the hair follicle from the root.

Step III: In this way, first lower area of the eyebrow will be threaded, then center, and then finally the upper area of the eyebrow.

Step IV: After completing this procedure (eyebrow shaping), remove the hair that are fallen on the skin with dry cotton and then apply cream for redness of the skin.

Threading is accurate than waxing. Eyebrow threading is less painful and more efficient than tweezing.

Eyebrow threading will be used to remove a layer of eyebrow, to lift the arch of the eyebrow, or to give definition and shape to the eyebrow. It is considered to be a standard hair removal technique as it removes the hair by the follicle.

The benefits of eyebrow threading are that it is inexpensive and it does not need any chemical ingredients in it. It is a very quick process to do. This technique does not use any harmful products that will affect your skin.

It is better to have threading of your eyebrows every two to three weeks; of course it varies from person to person. Eyebrow threading should require the practice of shaping the eyebrows with the thread.

It is most important for you to find a skilled technician if you prefer to have eyebrow threading. It may result in uneven eyebrows, hair breakage, pain, and many more if you choose any inexperienced technician.

Get a good shape of your eyebrows with eyebrow threading by skilled technician.


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